Running With Wilted Roses

She ran with wilted roses

Heart-wrenchingly clutched in her hand

As each petal freed itself

It shrieked before it would land

And what was this before her?

but….a backtracking map!

Leading to worlds once explored,

Long before she knew what she had. 



Victorian Gypsy

Feel the romantic freedom and magic as a “Victorian Gypsy.” The open road is you home, and adventure is your calling!

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Ive been getting in requests, and making jewelry like crazy! Its been a busy Holiday for everyone I’m sure! I hope you all had a wonderful and blessed Christmas, I know I did! I wanted to share with you all my latest piece, “Victorian Gypsy.” Im super excited about this! I personally wanted something folksy chic, that showed my Victorian side, to wear hanging out with friends, in jeans, or a cute dress, and TA-DAH! This bracelet is on sale at my etsy shop, which you can find by clicking the link below 🙂 Hope you guys can go visit my shop! Let me know what you think!

This is a beautifully handcrafted beaded bracelet with an elaborate Victorian gold toned cameo inlaid with glass beads, all designed and crafted by the artist. Gypsy elements delicately show the wild side of this proper Victorian piece through delicate dangling feathers, shaped gold toned wire, and a gold toned “Bottle cap” styled cameo frame.

This fashion piece works for all styles, whether your in your beach shorts and blousy top, or your out to town garb! Make it yours, and make it work for YOUR style.

I wish you all a very Happy New Year!



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Hello everybody! I back with a new piece! A steampunk “clockwork” fashion necklace with movable handcrafted clock hands made by your’s truly! This unique piece is handcrafted from clay, brass wire, glass beads, and includes a 16 inch brass – colored chain and lobster claw clasp. This is a “one of a kind” original piece of art entitled “Clockwork Sweetheart,” that adds class, sass, and flair!

I am extremely excited about this Art/fashion piece and finding it a new home! If you are interested please check out my Etsy shop! This link will bring you directly to it!

For Purchase details please visit:

* “Clockwork Sweetheart” is intended to be an art/fashion piece, and is not an actual functioning clock/watch or time-telling device.

Your’s Truly,

Offspring of the Sea

Hello sweet love – I speak to the sea,

It’s been a long time since we cordially met

Since your skyward tendrils dropped salt crystals upon my pale skin

Which by morn – would be kissed by the sun

But still at night – I liked you best

When the Moonflowers bloomed beautifully, yet deadly

And the scent swam through the air

Swooping down and cradling me like a lover

Where then – you proceeded to drop me into the velvet waters

The freedom seeps into your bones

And then, there forever – where loneliness keeps you company –

You will be an Offspring of the Sea…


The Victorian Sea Gem

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Another design I’ve finished called “The Victorian Sea Gem.” Victorian Style is making a comeback everyone, and I must say I have always been partial to that era myself 😉
This piece is done in the tradition Victorian draped chain style, with the chain in a matalic coal color to accentuate the vivid color of the authentic seashell found by myself while beach combing.The shell is accompanied by two pearlized chandelier teardrops, and two authentic pieces of rounded green malachite. To enhance the wild sea-life feeling, the seashell has been connected to the chain by two authentic matalic coal colored barrel swivels and safety clamps (items used for attaching lures and bobbers to fishing line). What else would a Victorian Mermaid make her jewelry from? she’s gotta be resourceful!

This mermaid piece has created quite a stir…I have several orders in the making! Each piece is original and unique because I use authentic items from the sea. Each shell has it’s own story to tell! It is time consuming because I am very selective of the shells, and makings I use. I have to make sure this piece tells the story it was intended to, as art should!
all original pieces will be signed by the artist.


The Seashore Sweetheart

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A recent design I had finished called “The Seashore Sweetheart.” This necklace combines the feminine nature as well as the wild adventuring side to us ladies. Complete with crab-claw clasp, linked mauve chain, pink faux pearls, pink shear bow, and a black bivalve seashell found by myself while beach combing. This is the authentic hand-crafted piece for any seafaring lady, beach lover, family Bar-B-Q by the pool socialite, or if you just think it’s cute and would like to wear it! Even if you’re as far from the shore as possible, all the more reason to bring a little of the sea-life into you’re life!

all originals are signed by the artist.


Here’s the Omelet, and Here’s the Eggs

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I don’t waste a thing! I made a rather tasty omelet (if i do say so myself) with fresh chopped tomatoes, garlic, onion, and bell peppers! But then I thought, what about the egg shells? I’ve always been fascinated by the shape of eggs, almost like they were miniature sculptures themselves! So, before cracking the eggs and completely destroying them, I managed to empty the yoke through a small hole I made at the base of the shell, ultimately keeping the shape of the hollow egg! So now I have combined the power of culinary art with visual art!

The eggshells are no longer as fragile as they once were, they have been sealed and reinforced, although as with any piece of art I wouldn’t recommend throwing it against a wall to test it, it is about as durable as your average piece of porcelain sculpture.

I call these two egg sculpture/paintings “Ma and Pa.”

Enjoy, and please let me know what you think!


– ThissideoftheSea

Big Beautiful Things! Big City Photobombs and Metropolitan History!

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Finally! My Third and last post of Photography in The Big City of New York! I got some great shots of amazing pieces of history in the infamous Metropolitan Museum, which was probably my favorite part of “touring” Manhattan. When it comes to History of art and Culture I get really excited! The first exhibit we came to was actually the early Irish/ Celtic peoples, which I particularly found interesting since that is my family’s heritage.  Someday I  will defiantly have to return to New York just to take my time going through that museum. It is so HUGE! We didn’t even get to travel through a third of it before I had to leave for rehearsal, and trust me, I could spend FOREVER in a museum. Just give me a sleeping bag and I could live in there 🙂

In other news, I have always wanted to do a photobomb on completely random strangers. Those of you who are unaware of what a photobomb is; it is the internet slang for spontaneously jumping into a photograph intended for other people.

My victims: A lovely Asian Family

It was too late before they noticed me peeking over their heads, the photograph was already taken, and Ironically they were really, really excited about it. Afterwards I explained and introduced myself, and once they learned I was performing Brahms Requiem at Carnegie Hall they treated me like a celebrity! They were very familiar with the Requiem and with Carnegie, and it made me so happy to see people so appreciative of the power of music!

They asked to take a regular photograph with me, of course I said yes (excited that they wanted to), and the day continued!

More photos of my adventures are on here as well, but most definitely that was the highlights out of my day!

Enjoy and let me know what ya think!