Here’s the Omelet, and Here’s the Eggs

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I don’t waste a thing! I made a rather tasty omelet (if i do say so myself) with fresh chopped tomatoes, garlic, onion, and bell peppers! But then I thought, what about the egg shells? I’ve always been fascinated by the shape of eggs, almost like they were miniature sculptures themselves! So, before cracking the eggs and completely destroying them, I managed to empty the yoke through a small hole I made at the base of the shell, ultimately keeping the shape of the hollow egg! So now I have combined the power of culinary art with visual art!

The eggshells are no longer as fragile as they once were, they have been sealed and reinforced, although as with any piece of art I wouldn’t recommend throwing it against a wall to test it, it is about as durable as your average piece of porcelain sculpture.

I call these two egg sculpture/paintings “Ma and Pa.”

Enjoy, and please let me know what you think!


– ThissideoftheSea

Big Beautiful Things! Big City Photobombs and Metropolitan History!

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Finally! My Third and last post of Photography in The Big City of New York! I got some great shots of amazing pieces of history in the infamous Metropolitan Museum, which was probably my favorite part of “touring” Manhattan. When it comes to History of art and Culture I get really excited! The first exhibit we came to was actually the early Irish/ Celtic peoples, which I particularly found interesting since that is my family’s heritage.  Someday I  will defiantly have to return to New York just to take my time going through that museum. It is so HUGE! We didn’t even get to travel through a third of it before I had to leave for rehearsal, and trust me, I could spend FOREVER in a museum. Just give me a sleeping bag and I could live in there 🙂

In other news, I have always wanted to do a photobomb on completely random strangers. Those of you who are unaware of what a photobomb is; it is the internet slang for spontaneously jumping into a photograph intended for other people.

My victims: A lovely Asian Family

It was too late before they noticed me peeking over their heads, the photograph was already taken, and Ironically they were really, really excited about it. Afterwards I explained and introduced myself, and once they learned I was performing Brahms Requiem at Carnegie Hall they treated me like a celebrity! They were very familiar with the Requiem and with Carnegie, and it made me so happy to see people so appreciative of the power of music!

They asked to take a regular photograph with me, of course I said yes (excited that they wanted to), and the day continued!

More photos of my adventures are on here as well, but most definitely that was the highlights out of my day!

Enjoy and let me know what ya think!


Big Beautiful Things! Chinatown, to The Hudson!

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So many things to see! So many pictures to take!

This is my second post sharing with everyone my New York city experience! I have already told you all about my amazing experience at Carnegie Hall, but this is a little of everything else I got to experience… which is a lot!

I traveled from China town to Broadway, to Grand Central Station, to The Metropolitan Museum, to Carnegie Hall,to Grand Central Park, and to a cruise around the Hudson! I was able to experience new foods, and learn about new cultures, and I loved it all! I could write a book on all of my adventures there with my friends, but pictures are worth a thousand words, so what better way to share with you than a bit of photography?

I still have more photos to come!

Enjoy, and let me know what ya think!


College Cooking!

I love cooking, and I love seafood! However, cooking seafood can be a bit pricy especially for a college student. Lucky for me, I have some very dear friends from my hometown by the sea who gift me in large Gulf shrimp! And that’s when things get exciting!


So upon wanting to cook my lovely jumbo Gulf shrimp, I refer to one of my mother’s older cookbooks for some cheap yet interesting recipes. Lo and Behold, I come across the magnificent recipe for Shrimp Bilbaina! And let me tell you friends…it is good! And what makes it even better, is its quick and easy and made with average cooking items you would have around the house!


I would definitely encourage anyone to look this recipe up and try it! Its amazing! If you do try it, or would like more info on it, please by all means drop me a comment and I will reply! 🙂