Offspring of the Sea

Hello sweet love – I speak to the sea,

It’s been a long time since we cordially met

Since your skyward tendrils dropped salt crystals upon my pale skin

Which by morn – would be kissed by the sun

But still at night – I liked you best

When the Moonflowers bloomed beautifully, yet deadly

And the scent swam through the air

Swooping down and cradling me like a lover

Where then – you proceeded to drop me into the velvet waters

The freedom seeps into your bones

And then, there forever – where loneliness keeps you company –

You will be an Offspring of the Sea…


“Within Each Other we Made a Home” (beginning stage)


Some art in progress, I still have a lot to do on it, but I’m really excited about it. Obviously this piece isn’t going to be realism or stylized realism, its going to be more of a stylized animation. These two characters have quite a story to tell, but I’ll wait to share that until it is complete 🙂 this piece is called “Within Each Other, We made a Home.” — ThissideoftheSea