Glitter in the Air

I came across one of my old performance CD’s and decided it was time to relive one of my favorite songs “Glitter in The Air” by P!NK…and video it, haha. I hope you guys enjoy! let me know what you think!


New York! New York!

Great News! My College Choir will be performing Brahm’s Requiem at Carnegie Hall in New York this May! I’m so excited, I cannot even express how wonderful this opportunity is! During our time there, we will also see Wicked on Broadway (yet another dream come true!) This is proof that God truly listens to our prayers, and gives us our hearts desires. This has been such a constant encouragement for me, even through the roughest of times. Big and wonderful things are happening in my life at the opportune time, just as He has planned! And I know He will continue with these plans in my life. This trip and performance wont be the last big thing I do in my life, but the starter of many big and wonderful things that will happen with God’s help 🙂

So furthermore I would like to apologize for not updating TSOTS lately, but as you can see I have been quite busy lately. I have been especially busy rehearsing Brahm’s Requiem, which is 95 pages and 7 movements of German sheet music. Its definitely a challenge, but a life changing one that I am willing to take on!

We will receive a bit of free time for ourselves to visit restaurants and shops, so I’ve been doing a bit of research online, looking for shops in Manhattan that sell Victorian attire and goods (Because I’m a Victorian Girl at Heart! ❤ ) I know there is bound to be some (or maybe not and I’m just silly 😛 ) But there must be something for everyone in New York! Right?

So if anyone out there knows of a Victorian – type shop  located in Manhattan, please drop me a note in the comments!

p.s. I promise to update my art soon!



Ladybug in a storm

I’m sitting inside of the movie theatre where I work, and upon looking out the ticket window, I see a sweet little ladybug sitting on the outside ledge, the only sign of life in this ominous weather. Seeing as being caught in the presence of ladybugs is good luck ( for those of you who don’t know this please watch Under The Tuscan Sun) I felt extremely blessed, especially considering the condition of the climate amongst rain, cold, and lightning. Good things happen 🙂


– ThissideoftheSea