Here’s the Omelet, and Here’s the Eggs

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I don’t waste a thing! I made a rather tasty omelet (if i do say so myself) with fresh chopped tomatoes, garlic, onion, and bell peppers! But then I thought, what about the egg shells? I’ve always been fascinated by the shape of eggs, almost like they were miniature sculptures themselves! So, before cracking the eggs and completely destroying them, I managed to empty the yoke through a small hole I made at the base of the shell, ultimately keeping the shape of the hollow egg! So now I have combined the power of culinary art with visual art!

The eggshells are no longer as fragile as they once were, they have been sealed and reinforced, although as with any piece of art I wouldn’t recommend throwing it against a wall to test it, it is about as durable as your average piece of porcelain sculpture.

I call these two egg sculpture/paintings “Ma and Pa.”

Enjoy, and please let me know what you think!


– ThissideoftheSea

A Glass Box




This isnt my most recent piece that I told all of you about before (the dominant texture, and so on), that one is still in the process. However, this is one of my favorite paintings that I’ve done. it really touches close to my heart (No Pun Intended, ha ha 😉 ) The Title of the piece is “A Glass Box”. it is a mixed media of watercolor, acrylic, and pastels. Hope you enjoy, and please leave comments below! 🙂