Running With Wilted Roses

She ran with wilted roses

Heart-wrenchingly clutched in her hand

As each petal freed itself

It shrieked before it would land

And what was this before her?

but….a backtracking map!

Leading to worlds once explored,

Long before she knew what she had. 



Offspring of the Sea

Hello sweet love – I speak to the sea,

It’s been a long time since we cordially met

Since your skyward tendrils dropped salt crystals upon my pale skin

Which by morn – would be kissed by the sun

But still at night – I liked you best

When the Moonflowers bloomed beautifully, yet deadly

And the scent swam through the air

Swooping down and cradling me like a lover

Where then – you proceeded to drop me into the velvet waters

The freedom seeps into your bones

And then, there forever – where loneliness keeps you company –

You will be an Offspring of the Sea…


Tidewater Love

You found me washed up on the shore of broken dreams

The place where many others were found dead

Or so it seems

I was choking on words

I was choking on atmosphere

I had been lost in the current so long…

I had to adapt to what was here.

And You

You who rescued me from the waters…

And made me your token pearl,

You can’t keep me in a bottle…

Keep me in your world

So you’ve found something great,

And you swear you won’t lose it at any rate.

But I’m not a ship in a bottle…

Waiting there for you to fondle.

You have to let me go…

Set me free!

Love me only in your mind!

Because Darling,

It wasn’t meant to be…

And You

You who keeps me in a jar…

Hiding me from anything,


That tries to come near my heart.

I’m dying…

More than I ever have before…

You found me washed up on the shore

Saw a light

And wanted more.

So, here I am in your cage…

I’m dying!

Oh, My love I’m dying…

My soul is dying…

Love me,

Leave me be…




We Found Silence

It is a good thing we found silence
Otherwise we might have to speak
Mingle with people we love,
Yet don’t know
Strangers on the street

Its a good thing we found silence
Or we may say something we don’t mean
Like the frightening truth we’re hiding
Or what was just a bad dream

Its a good thing we found silence
As a remedy for coping
If one was to say something
It may give away their loathing

Its a good thing we found silence
Because laughter and joy was too much
And too much of a good thing is bad
Because it could give hope a hunch

Its too bad we found silence
Because silence will soon find us
When seasons change, and minds are set
The silence will leave nothing to be said


The Ballad of Snow White

Poison was the remedy

That merged two souls to one

With shattered heartbeats that clattered

And reverberated to the same hum.

An apple grows in the cavity of the chest

Its expected that a gold box is where the heart finds rest.

But comatose we all lay

Awaiting the chance to live

Finding the one who inflates the idle lungs of the seemingly dead

And what do we see with eyelids closed?

All during our wait?

Is it a dream we mold for ourselves?

Is it something we create?

An apple sits in the cavity of the chest…

Missing a bite or two…

With a lonely soul’s unknowing fate,

What possibly could the venomous nectar do?

Somehow awaken the unmentioned feelings that were blatantly thrown askew?

Touched to the cold lips of lost chance…

That suddenly renewed  to the color Blood Red,

While eyes open to be blue…